I’m a graduate from the Teach & Learn Program at Alcalá, and I’m hoping to educate potential applicants, current students, and other graduates on how to navigate this program.

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  1. Hi there! I would love to ask you some questions about the program. Have you been able to prove that you have this masters? Did it give you an increase in pay as a teacher?

    • I’m afraid I’m still waiting on my transcripts to arrive at the evaluation company. When (if) they’re approved, which they should be because I have a friend whose was approved, I’ll get a huge back pay check and an increase in pay.

  2. Hi, I am hoping you are still active on this blog because I would really appreciate some advice.
    I have just finished a BSc in Psychology in the UK and I am looking to move into the teaching profession. I would love to move back to Spain (as I grew up there) and teach. So I am looking at the Masters in International education. Howvever it is unclear what this course qualifies me to do.
    Is this course designed for people who are already teachers or does it qualify people to teach?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Emily, I’ll write my friends who have done that specific degree and find more details for you. As I understand it, that degree helps get you into a school that teaches English in another country, like Spain.

    • @Emily – My friend with that degree told me it’s basically some teaching prep, with training to work in admin/management of an international school. He admitted that’s pretty vague, but there you go. He gave a good example of a school where someone with that degree would be served by it. The university of Ankara, in Turkey, apparently has students with similar training teach incoming freshmen English. He learned about that because he was looking into it before graduation.

      He said the degree didn’t qualify you for any thing real specific, but rather would help anybody applying for an teaching job internationally. The last thing he said was that you’ll, of course, need some certification for wherever you’re teaching. As far as I know, the bilingual Ed degree is the only one with an option of certification in anything. That being said, a lot of my classmates continued teaching after graduation in other programs, or just as independents. My school asked us if we wanted to stay on in the same capacity for the following year. Some of us got real, actual teaching contracts with our schools with, I believe, the same pay the other teachers got. I short, this program, regardless of degree chosen, is a great way to get your foot in the door with regards to teaching English in Spain, which is what it sounds like you want to do long term. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      -good luck, Brandon

  3. Hey thanks for all the info. I’m currently applying now and I’m not getting a response to any of my emails. I’ve submitted the app and didn’t get a confirmation email either. Is there someone that you know of whom I can contact to actually see it I’m doing this correctly hahah. Thanks man

  4. Hi,

    A lot of my questions about the teach and learn program have been answered already on here – so thanks! I do have one regarding breaks. My family would like to see me at some point within the 9 months. Did you get a Christmas break or anything during the program?

  5. Hi Brandon,
    I am writing a blog post for T&L to give advice for post graduation. Someone gave me the link to your blog which was INCREDIBLY helpful and helped me get my license in Massachusetts and subsequently land an awesome public teaching job! So MUCHAS GRACIAS. Would it be ok for me to put the link to your blog in my blog entry? Wanted your permission first.

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